Messecarre Nord


  • Foto ©MA18 Christian Fürthner
  • Foto © ZOOM
  • Foto © Tillner & Willinger
  • Foto © Tillner & Willinger
  • Foto © Tillner & Willinger

building within the existing, Revitalization Brown-field site

This highly favorable location, set amidst regional and national attractions and situated between two metro stations, exudes a certain dynamism that energizes the Master Plan. The project responds to the context’s implied movement and its linearity, with a flowing design that sweeps a wide curve. The connective green open space between the building volumes integrates the permeable design with its surroundings. Important visual axes to the trade-fair tower and metro stations are emphasized. The Messecarree would become a link between national facilities (Trade Fair, hotels, Prater, Danube) and local uses (housing, restaurants, social facilities), creating a vibrant urban district. Attractive outdoor spaces created along the curving axis establish a flowing connection between several fragmented public spaces in the vicinity as a “green bridge“ above the U2 metro line, which also welcomes pedestrians into the development.

Building A: Two-winged organic design with a green courtyard through which an urban knoll passes.
Building B: The architectural form of an elongaged “S-curve” injects the curve of the U2 line with new energy
Building C: Prominently announcing the new complex, the solitary highrise references the heights of its context.

Ausstellungsstraße 50, , 1020 Wien, Austria

Architekten Tillner & Willinger, Wien, Regina Freimüller-Söllinger, Wien

Cooperation Architecture:
Ph.Broinger, C.Dorner, Th.Kaufmann, M.Simmerstatter

MBG, Wiener Messe Besitz GmbH

Landscape Architecture:
DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG, Wien


Städtebauliches Leitbild mit Regina Freimüller-Söllinger

Start of construction: