Seelach Center - Language Square and Park

Design competition, Klopeinersee Turnersee

    • Foto © Architekten Tillner & Willinger
    • Foto © Architekten Tillner & Willinger
    • Foto Lichtplan Zentrum Seelach

    Language Square
    In order to establish the future cultural center function, a central square is needed as a place of encounter and projection surface to celebrate the linguistic diversity in Seelach. The content of the language square will be staged in a variety of ways with the aim of enabling and promoting encounters.
    The square receives an iconic roof, which manifests the theme of language in an identity-forming and visually powerful way. The German-Slovenian text cut out of the roof is about the encounter of different cultures.

    Language Park
    Just as the square is about strengthening the cultural competence of the destination, the park focuses on the landscape. The existing landscape potentials are reactivated and reinterpreted. The existing old tree population offers an ideal basic structure for a small spa park. The Klopeinbach is renaturalized and the water element is made LEBBAR. A roof offers shading and weather protection and invites to the contemplative nature observation. The dimensioning is much reduced compared to the roof on the square , the structure is covered with vines . The text in the roof is about encounters with the landscape . The design and materials of the roof are related to those of the square.

    Seelach, Austria