Messecarree Building A

Mixed-use building (Office, Commercial, Apartment)

  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto (c) Rupert Steiner
  • Foto © DnD, S. Schwingesbauer
  • Foto © DnD, S. Schwingesbauer
  • Foto © DnD, S. Schwingesbauer

Revitalization Brown-field site

Messecarree volume A consists of a two-armed parallel building surrounding a freely formed courtyard.
The architectonic shape shows the new image of the quarter and symbolises an “opening towards the suburb” by a decentralizing structure, transparency and a connecting green area.
To the west the building opens up, in the east the two wings are united and windig up the courtyard whereas the lower levels open up and allow the construction to project out freely above the outside staircase.
Horizontal zoning:
The level beneath the plaza includes retail spaces and a central hall to combine the different usages with the public space, the parking deck and the plaza level.
The two elevated basement floors above the plaza level contain office floors and the entrance halls as well as the entrance foyers that lead to the residential stairscases.
The floors above the basement and the central air space are linked as residential floors with loggias and balconies.
The inner organisation takes place via four access areas.
In the northern and eastern zones these access areas form central inside courtyards in front of the apartments.
The southern wing is accessible by staircases leading to porches which form prelimary areas of the residences.
A homogenous facade system encloses the buildings lower levels whereas the residental floors are built by vertical glazing and horizontal strip consisting of loggias, balconies and solar protection canopies.

Ausstellungsstraße 50, , 1020 Wien, Austria

Architekten Tillner & Willinger, Wien

Cooperation Architecture:
Ph. Broinger (Projektleiter) A. Appiani S. Ortner S. Sorazàbal B. Bangerl

Structural Engineering:
B+G Ingenieure Bollinger und Grohmann GmbH, Frankfurt / Main

Landscape Architecture:
DnD Landschaftsplanung ZT KG, Wien

Building Physics:
Schöberl & Pöll GmbH, Wien

Building Services:
von der Heyden Planungsgesellschaft für haustechnische Anlagen, Wien

End of Construction:

Gross Floor Area:
28.000 m²