Kubus Export

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  • Foto © Tillner & Willinger
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  • Foto Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard, 2021

building within the existing, Revitalization Brown-field site

A part of the URBION Master Plan and co-funded by the European Union, this intervention was designed with artist Valie Export. “The Glass Body” is an autonomous, transparent space, set underneath a railway bridge. Constructed solely from glass, the cube showcases diverse art exhibitions and performances. The permeability of the bridge between both sides of the Gürtel is emphasized by the absolute transparency.

Gürtel Dada Jukebox

A temporary Dada-street opera at Kubus Export/rhiz: costumes will be created by artists and interested audience members during the day. In the evening, a performance by beatboxers (GBB World League Beatbox Champion) and "Angelo" at Kubus Export, who gives flashmob dance lessons accompanied by a violin with a tribute to Steve Reich as a live act from rhiz.

A project by architects Tillner & Willinger, and
Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard,
in cooperation with rhiz

when: Friday, 19.11.2021

start of costume workshop: from 10 am (rhiz, Lerchenfelder Gürtel)
rhiz, underground arches 37+38
U6 station Josefstädter Strasse

Start Dada street opera: at 6pm (Kubus Export, Hernalser Gürtel)
Josefstädter Strasse / Uhlplatz
U6 station Josefstädter Strasse

Please register by Wednesday, 17 November at mail@couscousandcookies.com.

The intention of the urban development project URBION by architects Tillner & Willinger was and is to upgrade the Gürtel central zone as a central public space and to create an inviting place that reconnects the districts separated by the busy city motorway. URBION achieved this, but more than 20 years have passed since the project was completed and the middle zone is in dire need of a refresh. The paths and green spaces around the project area are to be activated and revitalised through DADA Jukebox - bringing the project idea back to mind to bring about a continuation.

A project initiated by
Silja Tillner (Architeken Tillner & Willinger)
Collaboration Mahboobeh Rezaei

Artistic concept and project organisation
Bele Marx & Gilles Mussard

Maximilian Foit,
Mathias Asamer

Angelo (Gilles Mussard),
Geo Popoff, Slizzer and Eon (beatbox)
Matthias Adensamer (1st violin)

Video and technology design, as well as streaming
Claudia Virginia Dimoiu

Sound engineering
John Norman,
Richard Kerz

Juli Eder
Camera and sound assistant
Martin Kadlez

Franziska Safranek,
Larry Williams,
Bele Marx

Costume Design
Patrick Ugo,
Julien Verjat,
Cécile Disle,
(as part of a fashion project with students from the Lycée Français de Vienne)
and Leonie Brodar

Angela Essel

Media support
Susanna Wouk

Architects Tillner & Willinger
couscous & cookies, association for elastic poetry

Press contact
Kailuweit cultural communication Vienna
Owner: Mag. Andreas Huber
Hartäckerstraße 13/8 | 1190 Vienna
Telephone +43 6991 0495628
Email: a.huber@kailuweit-kultur.com
Internet: www.kailuweit-kultur.com

Image and sound recordings will be made on the day of the event. Guests agree that these recordings may be used (in media) without any restrictions in terms of location and time.

Our special thanks go to THE ENTIRE TEAM as well as Alex Kogan, Brita Pohl (bricolangue) and especially Martin Kadlez, Udo Kapeller, Stephan Mussil and Susanna Wouk (hollywouk).
We would also like to thank Martin Langmann (Commercial Cleaning Langmann), Christoph Keintzel (The Ear) and the masc foundation for their support.
And a big thank you to the Obdach Josi day care center.

With the support of
KÖR Art in Public Space
City of Vienna
Districts of Josefstadt and Ottakring

Hernalser Gürtel 46, , 1080 Wien, Austria

Architekten Tillner & Willinger, Wien

Cooperation Architecture:
Beate Lubitz

Structural Engineering:
Vasko + Partner Ingenieure ZT für Bauwesen und Verfahrenstechnik GesmbH, Wien

Cooperation Structural Engineering:
Lothar Heinrich

Building supervision:

Valie Export

End of Construction:

Gross Floor Area:
46 m²