Residential building - 40 apartments

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The building site is located at the corner Aspernstraße/ Mühlhausergasse in the 22nd district of Vienna.
The surrounding buildings in the west and southwest are single-family homes whereas peripheral development covers the southeast.
In the north and northeast the environment is completed by residential buildings. Straight beside the site in the northeast townhouse residential buildings are planned.
The project consists of three grand pavillon type buildings:
Building element I extends the peripheral development with four-storeys along the Aspernstraße.
Building element II is placed in the northwestern part of the building ground consisting of two five-storey consturctions docking onto one staircase.
The green landscape in the center is supposed to connect with the outdoor area of the soon-to-be grand pavillon type buildings and more specifically establish semi-public movement across the site.

The ground floor of building element I at the corner Aspernstraße/ Mühlhausergasse provides space for a venue.
The southern end of building element II is facing towards the central open space and is hosting common rooms as well as two accomodation units, the northern part is composed of apartments with their own gardens.
Further apartments are situated in the upper levels.
The supporting structure is made out of reinforced concrete.
The ceilings span the staircases, demising walls and outer walls to provide apartments without any load-bearing elements.
With the aid of this system the structure of the building can be adjusted to actual requirements.
Cantilever balconies and loggias with perforated metal plate handrails give the building a horizontal structure, well-balanced window openings rhythmize the facade.

Asperstraße 109, , 1220 Wien, Austria

Architekten Tillner & Willinger, Wien, Alfred Willinger, Wien

Cooperation Architecture:
Ph. Broinger, J.Smith, F.Stohl

Structural Engineering:
Hnik Hempel Meler ZT Gmbh, Wien

Building Physics:
Hnik Hempel Meler ZT Gmbh, Wien

Building Services:
Hnik Hempel Meler ZT Gmbh, Wien

End of Construction:

Gross Floor Area:
7.200 m²